Paid marketing is the quickest and most controllable way to get your business in front of people who are looking for your products or services. Because you only pay for qualified traffic, it is easy to control the budget and return on investment for your campaign.

PPC Marketing

Our PPC experts will use professional tools to do an extensive keyword analysis for your business, identifying those keywords that will give you a larger number of enquiries. Very often, those keywords go beyond the obvious and you have options that you’d never even thought of!

All campaign reports are regularly documented and shared with clients, as part of our PPC management. ROI is monitored closely and the campaign is tweaked according to trends in the report. Performance data for all keywords can be viewed by clients including click-through rate, ROI and traffic reports.

Video Advertising

Yotube and Facebook video marketing are a great and efficient way to target your audience for building a brand and generating new leads.

Social Advertising

We excel in running Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest etc. paid marketing campaigns.

PPC Remarketing

Remarketing allows business to position targeted ads to a defined audience that had already visited their site.

Display Advertising

Advertising via Google Display Network, to reach your targeted users. Access to one of the largest ad networks on the Internet with a cost-effective strategy that lets your ads reach millions of customers.

PPC Management Provided

Social Advertising Projects

Successful PPC Remarketings

Successful Ads Created

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to the concept of placing paid ads into the search results of major search engines like Google and Bing. We offer “Pay Per Click” advertisements at your preferred placement among other results and pay a fee for every single visitor that clicks on your ad based on a set price.

Do I need PPC?

Many services will not benefit from Pay Per Click services as they require a steady budget for marketing in order to be able to start. Since advertisements are bid on by a per-click basis, the price per click could become high for highly competitive keywords. For instance, the keyword “SEO company” can be an expensive keyword for every click that is received, therefore you need to have a dedicated budget based on how much traffic you’re hoping to bring to your website.

If you’re able to dedicate a steady budget for your marketing initiatives, pay per click management might be the correct route for your company. However, it is important to also know that the PPC prices set on a continual basis can rise and fall on the importance of a keyword and the competitiveness. Therefore, it is important to understand that your cost for a keyword may rise or fall.

In short; if you’re able to dedicate your budget towards relevant traffic, it may be worth it to start a pay per click campaign. Pay per click management is a good solution to obtaining traffic for keywords that are highly competitive in search engine optimization services.

What can do for me?

As a service provider, we can provide quality pay per click management services. Our goal is to create an effective pay per click management campaign for your company to help you grow. We are a full service pay per click management provider and can assist with the entire setup, execution, and management of your PPC campaign.

Our Customers Say

Saw a pleasant growth

We are retailing company and marketing is an important part of our business. As an old business, we were struggling with digital marketing front when we started working with macroinfluence team we saw a pleasant growth in our business

Jonathan Levi

Tremendous ROI

We were struggling with our marketing campaigns despite having a great product. So we decided to go with macroinfleunce for PPC marketing. We saw a tremendous growth in our customer acquisition and ROI.

Sanchita Sethi

Position One

We have been using their SEO service for last 10 months and saw some amazing results. We are in position one for some keywords and almost on the front page for all the keywords. Their analytics team is great.

Derek Linsley

Ready to boost your sales ? 

Delivering high ROI through constant monitoring, testing and better targeting of keywords, we are preferred by businesses from around the world to manage their PPC campaigns. No matter what your budget is and whether you have short term or long term goals, we can manage your campaign so that you get the maximum returns on investment.

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