23 Point On-Page Strategy Designed for Local Maps Impact

Keyword Prominence, Authority Signals, and Local Relevance

We took basic on-page optimization and turned it on its head using the latest research and patent applications, combined with some old-school strategies that have withstood the test of time to present a high-performing strategy that we have tested across multiple niches and sites to ensure its effectiveness.

Part 1 of the Guide Covers the Basic Page Elements

Cora SEO Page Tuning:
Run Cora SEO analysis and create a page tuning report based on top 10 results for the local keyword.

Page Title:
Use co-occurrence with Brand Name + Keyword + Location close together. The main Keyword should be in the page title. An exception to this is when the main keyword is in the URL, then use a variation.
Example Page Title:

Meta Description:
Use keyword + location with variations designed for CTR.
Example Meta Description:
Find Out How Many New Customers You are Missing by Not Using the Top Online Marketing Strategies for Your Hanover Business. Make My Business Boom are digital marketing experts offering web design and SEO in Hanover PA and are ready to help you gain more leads, clients, and customers.

Use 2nd keyword (or category) + location
Example H1 Tag:
Hanover’s Top Web Design and SEO Agency

Use variations and longtail niche keywords
Example H2 Tag:
Creating Successful Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertising, and Web Design Strategies

H2/H3 Categories:
A bulleted list of GMB categories that link to inner service pages set in H2 or H3 tags.
Example H2/H3 Categories (categories are in blue):
Internet Marketing Service and SEO
Website Designer and Development
PPC Marketing Agency
Facebook Advertising Agency

Long tail and keyword variations with geo-relevant modifiers.
Example H3:
York and Adams County PPC and SEO Marketing Agency
Read Our Reviews for Hanover Website Design and SEO

Picture Alt Text:
Keyword or variation
Example Picture Alt Text:
SEO and Web Design Agency in Hanover

YouTube Video Embed:
The title should be locally relevant and include co-occurrence. The video should be embedded below the fold.
Example YouTube Video Embed:
Web Design in Hanover PA – Make My Business Boom

Part 2 Advanced On-Page Strategies for Local Maps Ranking

 My Map Embed:
The title should include Brand Name + Keyword + Location. My Map should be embedded below the fold.
Example My Map Embed:
Make My Business Boom – York and Adams PPC and SEO Marketing Agency

Address Section:
Link the Name and Address to Google Maps Places URL.
Example Address section:

Hours and Local Phone Number:
Example Hours and Local Phone Number:
Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm
Phone: (717) 775-6011

City, County, Region:
Write a geo-relevant paragraph about the location.
Example City, County and Region:
Make My Business Boom Hanover PA is centrally located in southern Pennsylvania in
downtown Hanover. Hanover a borough in York County also borders nearby Adams County, allowing Make My Business Boom to offer web design, SEO, and internet marketing services throughout the region, including York PA, Hanover PA, Gettysburg PA, and all points nearby.

Written Driving Directions:
Add 2 to 4 written driving directions, including airport codes if practical.
Example written driving directions:
From Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) to Make My Business Boom Hanover PA 17331. Get on State Route 3032 about half a mile until you reach I-76. Take I-76 West to the 15 South exit. Follow 15 south until you reach PA-94 in York Springs. Follow PA 94 south 16 miles until you reach 1 Center Sq., Hanover PA 17331.

From York Pennsylvania to Make My Business Boom Hanover PA 17331. Head southeast on North George Street toward East Market Street, about 2 minutes. Turn on West College Ave and continue to follow West College Ave about 5 miles. Take PA-616 South and continue until you turn right onto Lehman Road. Stay on Lehman for 3 miles, then turn left onto PA 116. Follow PA 116 west for 8.5 miles to 1 Center Square Hanover PA 17331.

Local Outbound Links:
Include 2 – 4 Google Maps links to other attractions in the city.
Example Local Outbound Links:
Codorus State Park https://goo.gl/maps/rP8Mz129LRk
Center Square, Hanover https://goo.gl/maps/FE2PCYn9we92

Authority Directories:
Add a link to 1 or 2 top authority brand mentions
Example Authority Directories:
Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Best of the Web, GPS Data Team, Avvo, Find Law, or Health Grades along with others would be considered an authority directory.

Add links to review sites on the location page
Example Reviews:
Review Make My Business Boom Hanover Web Design and SEO

Inner Linking:
Strategically place inner links to the target page using exact match anchors.
Example Inner Linking:
Web Design Hanover PA, SEO Hanover PA, Internet Marketing Hanover PA

Supporting Geo Pages:
Add geo-relevant posts or pages and link back using exact match.
Example Supporting Geo Pages:
5 Business Resources in Hanover PA

Google+ Badge:
Embed on Site https://developers.google.com/+/web/badge/
Example Google+ Badge:


HTML Site Map:
Create and add an HTML sitemap in the footer of the site. Use Keyword Descriptions for localand service pages
Example HTML Site Map:

Yoast Local SEO
Google API Keys:
Set Up and Activate Google Maps API Keys following instructions in the plugin
Set Up Location Pages:
Yoast location pages can be set as the location pages or 301’d to the actual location pages.
Insert Map and Business Short Codes on Location Page:
Yoast adds JSON LD when inserting the shortcodes. May not display correctly with all themes.
Submit Geo Site Map:
Be sure to submit geo sitemap which is a kml file of your locations in Google Search Console.

Without Yoast Local SEO
JSON LD Schema:
Create, Validate and Paste JSON LD Mark Up on Page, use our free generator that integrates with Google Maps.
Install SOGO Header and Footer Plugin to place JSON script per page for each location for multilocation sites and install it sitewide for single location sites.
Example Local Business Schema:


Key Takeaways


    Use a Semantic Tool to Help Tune the Page


    Use Co-Occurrence in the Page Title


    Write a meta description to increase CTR


    Include Your Keyword and Location in the H1 tag


    Use H2 tags to Capture Niche and Service Keywords


    Use H3 tags to Add Geo-Relevance On Page


    Use H tags and Bullets to List Corresponding GMB Category Terms


    Use Co-Occurrence in Embedded Map and Video Titles


    Add Driving Directions and Local Info Sections


    Link to Review Sites and Authority Directories


    Add Inner Links and Supporting Pages


    Add HTML, XML, and GEO Site Maps


    Add JSON LD Mark Up